Innovative Technology

Since our beginning, we have strived to invest and improve our technologies. Since 2010 we have introduced Voice Picking in our warehouse management. This system allows us to process orders via a voice recognition system avoiding all possible mistakes in the identification of the goods, storage, processing and shipping. With the Voice Picking system the warehouse workers can be directed to the goods position and have an immediate confirmation of the quantity of the items. The worker is also able to give immediate vocal confirmation after each and every operation and while the general system confirms the accuracy, avoiding as much as possible potential mistakes.

Our ‘picking’ process has been also automated. The system can automatically manage the ‘best before’ date and indicates the best position within the freezers improving cost and efficiency.

Since 2011, we have opened seven new freezers capable of containing about 12,000 pallets. Also, a shuttle system allows to positioning the pallets in multiple areas in a very short time. Thanks to this major investment in technology, the company can cut dramatically the time for positioning the goods as well as their picking up and consequently avoiding long queues in fulfilling the orders.

Frigocaserta Srl allows their customers to access directly the virtual storage in real time, as it is constantly updated on the existing stock, and add their orders for delivery or transport.