Technological Innovation at the service of Logistics


Receiving, storing and material handling

For those companies operating in the fish sector, we can unload the products arriving in containers, classify and... read more >

Freezing process

The company owns two powerful freezing tunnels, capable of reaching temperatures up to -45C, ideal for taking the core... read more >

Large scale retail trade platform

For the large sale distribution, Frigocaserta processes and delivers about 580 orders daily. For those companies... read more >

Storage buildings rental

In order to satisfy all clients’ specific requests, Frigocaserta Srl has built and rented to Companies... read more >


Frigocaserta Srl is specialized in all type of food transport, both cold and frozen, and guarantees the best of the... read more >

Customs and VAT Deposit

Since June 2011, Frigocaserta has been authorised to create and manage a Type C private and (fiscal) storage suitable... read more >